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    What Do A Mother Do? 

Based on a true story,  What Do A Mother Do?: The Shakil Williams Story, depicts the triump and struggle of a grieving mother after the lost of her son. Sharnel William's writes a heart felt tale of her own emotions and feelings as she watched her son suffer from Leukemia. On December 18th,2005, Shakil Williams lost his battle. Sharnel remembers her son everyday and would love to share her story of healing with you.  

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                                   My first children book, that will be a 3 part series.


I'm Black, He's White Part 1


Cheryl Sanders is a payroll assistant who works and lives in New York City. She meets an intriguing businessman name Alex Peters after Alex's car breaks down on the side of the road. A couple of days after the two meet, Cheryl and Alex begin dating. After several of weeks of seeing each other, Cheryl finds herself falling heads over heels for this guy, she doesn't even really know. Who is Alex Peters?

I'm Black, He's White:

If Loving you is Wrong...


Cheryl Sanders was born and raised in NJ. She is a payroll manager at a company in New York City. This is Cheryl first time in an interracial relationship. Alex is from the projects on the South Side of Chicago, now he owns his own business in New York City. Alex has been there through the passing of Cheryl’s brother Mike and the promotion at her job. Will Cheryl and Alex relationship last? Will Cheryl or Alex have a deep dark secret? Will Cheryl’s mother accept Alex into the family?